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The Fitness Guru

The Fitness Guru is the CEO and Founder of Stay Fit Culture. His desire to build it came from his own fitness journey, weighing in at more than 300 pounds he has lost and kept off 155 POUNDS for over a decade!

Guru trained with many trainers through his fight to regain his health and fitness and felt unsupported by the trainers he was hiring. Although he learned a bit from each trainer and is grateful, it sparked a desire to change the industry. He also recognized the ill physical state of the people in our world and wants to help people strengthen themselves and experience the power of fitness.   

I do this because I know first-hand what it feels like to think it is impossible and then

"It's time for people to transform themselves in their minds, bodies and spirits. We are capable of much more than we all realize. Training is ESSENTIAL. We have to be strong as a people and currently, many of us are not! We have a responsibility to the life we live and the people we love, to strengthen our bodies and to be our best. I want for my gyms to be a place where people are transformed and also feel that they have found a fitness family, but most importantly, I want them to see RESULTS!"


- The Fitness Guru

Coach Gerald

Gerald's specialty is training athletes to perform at their optimum level. His extensive knowledge in personal training is truly valued. His unique workouts and inspiring demeanor leaves clients feeling encouraged to transform their lives and overcome the limitations they believe they have during their sessions and classes!


Coach Cris

Chris brings a priceless empathy to his clients due to having overcome his own health and weight loss challenges when he began training under Khalil The Fitness Guru. This inspired him to train under the Guru and become a Personal Trainer. He wants to help change lives in the way his own life was changed. He has a background in Jujitsu, Boxing and Weight Training and has helped countless clients reach their goals while showing them both encouragement to push hard, but also compassion for the emotional struggle that comes with weight loss. He is truly gifted at what he does. Our clients appreciate him greatly and see amazing results in their 1-On-1 personal training sessions with Chris. 

Coach Von

Coach Von was inspired to be an athlete at an early age and has always been interested in health and fitness. 2 years ago, while working for a health-based meal prep service, he met many people in the Personal Training industry and he was inspired to become one and thankfully he did, because in his training through Stay Fit Culture, he has found it to be his calling! Helping people become stronger and healthier is what gives him the passion that he has for fitness. He most enjoys working with people who have difficulties or physical limitations on their ability to train. You will have FUN with Coach Von, while having his guidance on your safety, his motivation and support. Ask any of our members! 

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Tylor The Trainer

Tylor The Trainer’s main motivation in life is to create a deep positive impact in the lives of clients who have a desire for personal transformation. He strongly believes that health is wealth! With a background of 6 years in dietary nutrition, his athletic experience in Basketball and Track, and 4 years of Personal Trainer experience, Tylor uses his expertise to assist clients in changing their lives from inside to out. He will help you break through every plateau you hit, every mental limitation you may have and ensure that you are utilizing proper form in order to get the most out of your workout.

Coach Jude

Coach Jude began his fitness journey at the early age of 12 years old. He has always been committed to physical training and believes that being fit is the key to youth! He is a former UFC gym coach and specializes in performance, agility and strength. Coach Jude is also ISSA Certified, a Trained Boxer and a Certified Glute Specialist. He uses all of his different forms of training to keep his workouts interesting, unique and most importantly, effective. You will not only benefit from the time spent with him in the gym, but he takes interest in what you are doing outside of the gym, such as your nutrition, your habits and the choices you are making daily, as that is where most of the real results occur. Coach Jude does not consider himself a trainer, but rather a coach, because he believes that it is his job to keep your body moving which will keep you young and will assist you throughout your transformation!

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Coach Rah

Coach Rah's experience with training comes from coaching football which developed his inspiration for fitness. His mindset is focused on pushing others to a higher level, and pushing people to be a better version of themselves! He has been personally training clients since 2019 and knows that this is his passion and his purpose. Coach Rah will provide you with an amazing personal training experience that will change the way you view fitness and bring you a love and joy for working out!


At Stay Fit Culture, we are dedicated to helping those achieve fitness and health goals. We are changing lives with effort, energy, and knowledge.


At Stay Fit Culture, we live and breathe fitness. 

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