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"Forge Stronger Paths to Wellness:
Stay Fit Culture's Collaborative Partnerships"

From Obstacles to Opportunity

Embark on a transformative journey of team-building with our "From Obstacles to Opportunity" training, in partnership with NYC DOE. This unique program fosters collaboration and embraces growth through constructive challenges. Experience the thrill of an obstacle course set up in the school gymnasium, designed to celebrate progress and unity.

Athleta Collaboration

The partnership with a sports clothing store, much like the successful collaboration we experienced with Athleta, has been a remarkable journey of achievement. Our shared vision of merging style and functionality has led to an influx of innovative athletic wear that resonates with fitness enthusiasts and fashion-conscious individuals alike. This partnership has not only bolstered our brand presence but has also empowered customers to embrace a holistic approach to their active lifestyles. The synergy between our values and the quality products from the sports clothing store has resulted in a resounding success, setting a new standard for stylish performance wear in the market.

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Truly Amazing. I saw a whole new side of my kids today. I sent a few videos to one of the parents I am close to and she said he needs to do that everyday! You're truly inspiring and helping our youth!

Ms. Bloom

Researching Service

High School

You have officially become an FDA school partner!

Principal Ayisha Fullerton

Frederick Douglas Academy

Your fitness program was meant to be here. Your program literally helped to save a life!

Dr. Allison Farrington

Research In-Service

High School

You are an inspiration and leader! You are brilliant and the necessary ingredient!

Juanita Walker

PS 75 Elementary



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